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Quality Care Starts with You!

Providing quality care in the Central Valley since 1962.

Why we make a difference.


Davis Guest Home is designed as a residential care facility offering a broad range of services to residents requiring a structured environment due to mental health challenges.


Our non-restrictive, supervised program, focuses on each resident’s specific needs and interests. Davis Guest Home is unique among the larger facilities in Central California in that it has maintained a home-like environment that has developed over the years. This has been accomplished by carefully selecting personnel who genuinely care for the residents and by maintaining on ongoing training programs for all levels of staff.


Davis Guest Home provides an environment of respect, encouragement, and appreciation for each of our residents. Residents are encouraged and given support in discovering and acquiring independent living skills and self-help management skills. Residents are also encouraged to participate in many out-of-home activities that are provided in an effort to normalize lifestyles and allow social training opportunities within the community. These objectives support our desire to help each resident reach and maintain the highest possible quality of life. It is our expectation at Davis Guest Home that each resident will achieve individualized goals that will result in their re-integration into the community as soon as possible.


We view our relationship with each resident as a continuum of mental health services. We are committed to ‘the team concept’ in assisting each client. This team includes the facility, our case management team, our local emergency acute inpatient hospitals, the conservator, the psychiatrist, the resident’s family, case management personnel, and the resident. We are dedicated to facilitating communication between all of these individuals and agencies that participate in the treatment strategies affecting residents.

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